About Us

Estateably’s founders are first cousins whose fathers started a technology company over three decades ago. The idea for Estateably came together under unfortunate circumstances as Ari and Alex shared a grandmother who passed away in 2015. Although she left behind a relatively simple estate, it took more than three years to settle.

Unfortunately, their story is far from unique.
According to the Canadian Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, estate settlement - the process of transferring assets to beneficiaries - can take anywhere from 26 to 34 months, while complex estates can take much longer to settle. This leaves families and beneficiaries waiting, prolonging the grieving process. 

With this knowledge, Ari and Alex’s idea was born: they wanted to solve this industry-wide problem and created Estateably, a platform that streamlines trust and estate administration for professionals.

Ari and Alex set out to understand the pain points professionals faced first hand if any. After months spent interviewing industry insiders, they were fascinated by the consistency of feedback regarding a manual, paper-based process, seemingly stuck in the 1990s. With this knowledge, they created Estateably, a platform that streamlines trust and estate administration for professionals.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Estateably has over a dozen team members who share their vision of a digitally transformed trust and estate industry.

Our values

Genuine empathy

The nature of our industry is complex, yet sensitive, and we keep that in mind with everything we do. We are kind and supportive, and we do business in the most passionate and whole-hearted way.

Radical honesty

We are straight forward, authentic and bold. We are rigorous, yet open-minded and accessible.

Reliable expertise

We are leaders in the digital transformation of an antiquated financial sector. We stay ahead of the curve to be the best at what we do. We are the technical experts our clients can always rely on.

Relentless innovation

As Estateably transforms an established industry, we constantly push boundaries and innovate. We are outsiders who think outside the box.