Frequently Asked Questions

What is Estateably?

Estateably is a platform that empowers trust and estate professionals to digitize their practices through automation and enhanced compliance while facilitating practice-wide collaboration.

Do I have to install the application?

There is no installation required - Estateably is web-based! Once registered you can log in to your organization here.

What operating systems are supported?

Estateably is web-based and can run on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

What browsers are supported?

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox and we also support Microsoft Edge. Please note that we do not support Internet Explorer.

What are the advantages of using Estateably?

Great question! Our users love our platform for many reasons but here are some of the most common reasons:

1. Our modern design and intuitive user experience
A well-designed interface empowers users to deal with issues more efficiently.

2. We leverage the benefits of the cloud
The most relevant benefit of cloud-based solutions in the current environment is the ability to access work systems remotely.

3. The customer Support that goes above and beyond
Turnaround time for customizations is setting a new industry standard.

4. Increased opportunities for improved collaboration
Today, most - if not all - collaboration happens offline. Estateably's platform allows users with customizable roles and permissions to collaborate from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection

5. Price
Estateably charges a single, competitive base fee for estates that are administered on our platform, with no surprise extras.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can contact us directly at or here.

How much does Estateably cost?

Estateably starts at $99 per file and can always be billed as a disbursement to clients.

You can view our pricing options and features here.

What jurisdictions do you support?

We currently support Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan but will be available Canada-wide soon!

How customizable is Estateably?

In short, very! We can digitize your internal workflow, whitelabel the platform, upload your practice-specific templates and generate letters on your letterhead.

I am a citizen executor, can I use this platform?

Unfortunately, at this time Estateably is a tool exclusively for professionals.