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Digitize Your Estate Administration Process

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Automate manual, labour-intensive processes.

  • Smart case creation: A jurisdictionally and circumstance aware case builder customizes each file’s requirements.
  • Enter information once: Once information is known, all relevant documents fields are updated and pre-populated. No more entering a required field more than once.
  • One-click letters and forms: Generate government forms and letters custom to your organization at the click of a button.

Embed and digitize your existing workflows

  • Complete digitized task list: Digitize your firm’s current process or use Estateably’s out of the box estate administration workflow to track and list all estate-related tasks.
  • Customizable workflows: Adapt the workflow at any time to suit your need, from requiring task approval to adding or removing unnecessary tasks.
  • In-app training guides: Decrease training time and empower new staff with access to a library of comprehensive guides and estate-related information.

Simplified documentation and reporting

  • Automated case activity log: Estateably effortlessly tracks important activities in the background significantly reducing manual documentation requirements.
  • Case reporting: Generate custom inventory, accounting and status reports with the click of a button.
  • Passing of Accounts reports: Once the estate file is complete, generate a passing of accounts report in seconds.

Enhanced collaboration

  • Practice wide collaboration: Easily collaborate with your team from anywhere, using Estateably’s cloud-based platform.
  • Deadline reminders and notifications: Keep track of important deadlines and internal case progress.
  • Approval requests: Require select tasks to be reviewed by a manager if necessary.

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