What's New in Estateably - February Recap

Gabriel St-Maurice
Director of Customer Success

Improvements to the Accounting section, namely;

  • Executor Compensation can now be calculated directly in the app and generated into a report. In the Estate Accounting section, you will find the calculations and fee structure in a new Tab called Compensation Fees
  • Date ranges on the Statement of Accounts report in Court Format
  • The ability to log transactions directly in the deceased's bank accounts, enabling the estate to have multiple bank accounts at a time.

All forms available for download to Word

To increase the customizability and ability to edit government forms once they are generated, we have made all forms and letters available in .docx format as well as PDF.

Adding remote commissioning options to all affidavits and applications

All affidavits and applications have the option to add remote commissioning with the appropriate language. 

Usability Improvements

  • The Contacts screens will now be available in List view.
  • Contact records can be duplicated, so executors can be made into beneficiaries with a single click.
  • Simplifying the navigation to the application package and within the Forms section.
  • Automatically appending the backpage to all court documents (namely applications, draft orders, affidavits).
  • Minimizing data entry later on in the process later by collecting more information upfront (eg. assigned lawyer's contact details and LSO #).

Streamlined the billing process by integrating with Stripe.  

Thanks to this integration, a user with administrator-level access can enter a credit card in the Settings section. Going forward, billing will be confirmed and automated when you create a new file, without having to re-enter any credit card details again. The information is never stored by Estateably and is secured by Stripe, which is the leading internet payment processing platform.

Gabriel St-Maurice
Director of Customer Success
Gabriel is a customer success professional with 8 years of B2B SaaS products and applications. He loves helping clients reach their technology goals and ensuring the best possible outcomes for adoption, integration, and overall user proficiency.

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